Platte River Trails Creates Advisory Group

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A new organization is in place to preserve the Platte River Environment: The Friends of the Platte River Trails Advisory Group.

The new group will assist the Board of Directors in doing their work.

There are many ways that trails benefit local economies, including tourism, urban re-development, community improvements, property value and more.

The Casper community trails are free and offer a wide range of activities.

If you're a trail user you can join this group to assist board members in planning, maintenance, and enhancing trails around Natrona County.

Angela Emery is the Executive Director of Platte River Trails she says, "With the hopes that these people will kind of be our eyes and hears out on the trail bring feedback to us about what they'd like to see in terms of new trails in Casper."

Emery says the weekend of the eclipse falls on the usual weekend for Riverfest and the Platte River Trails will be going all out this year.