Pathways Students Raise the YMCA Wall to Honor Donors

Art students at Pathways Innovation Center began the growing project in August last year.

Today and through the week their creation will come to life in the entrance of the new Casper YMCA.

The Creative Arts Communications and Design Team designed the donor wall, pitched their ideas to the YMCA and an idea was chosen to be installed this week.

The wall consists of close to seventy individual plexi-glass pieces, which students cut with a laser engraver.

Pathways Innovation Center Art Teacher Molly Voris shared while helping her students, “In the design of the wall there was um about fifty pathways students that were involved and then in the installation we are working with about twenty-five students."

The staff at the Casper YMCA look forward to the wall being completed later this week for guests to admire as they come to the new facility.