Park County Search and Rescue Assist Young Hiker

Less than a month after one man froze to death in his house near Cody, Park County Search and Rescue had to save a hiker from freezing to death.

Both incidents happened on the South Fork, miles away from town.

Park County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Lance Mathess said the search and rescue team and a medical helicopter rescued a hiker identified as, 18 year old Tron Dogger Adams.

Mathess said Adams was hiking with two other men on Sunday, when he started shaking uncontrollably and refused to go back to their truck.

Matthess reported Adams' core body temperature had gotten dangerously low, and the rescue team worked to get him warm before he was flown to the hospital.

Adams clothes had gotten wet from hiking in the snow.

“They had primarily cotton, which is quite frankly the worst material you can wear. They had cotton jeans, light jackets on the top, and they had no insulation layer underneath,” shared Matthess.

The body of a 69 year old man was found in his south fork home near Cody a week before Christmas and the Park county Coroner reported Larry Joe Sperry had died of hypothermia. Sperry had not built a fire in his wood stove.

Matthess encouraged everyone to take proper precautions when out in northwest Wyoming.

“My primary advice out here is to respect the elements. There are so many things out here even in good weather that can kill you because of the ruggedness of this area.”

You should always be prepared with the right clothes and have a survival plan in place in case something goes wrong.