Open enrollment dates for Dual Language Program in Natrona County Schools

Natrona County School officials have created plans for enrolling students in the Dual Language Immersion programs.

Tyler Waggenspack reported," Paradise Valley and Park Elementary school officials held an informal meeting with parents Tuesday to discuss  the DLI curriculum.

Teachers use DLI programs for kindergarteners to create an early understanding of different cultures. So far, Park Elementary and Paradise Valley staff use Mandarin and Spanish for their classes."

 Paradise Valley Principal Aaron Wilson believes DLI helps students in several ways.

 "Learning a second language is very beneficial for kids. It develops the brain in ways that monolingual kids don't have. It builds problem-solving skills, it...there's just a lot of benefits to it."

Principal Wilson said DLI open enrollment dates are January 5 through 19th.

Two other meetings will be held for parents wanting to know more. The next meeting takes place December 6 and  December 13.