Leap into Leadership Conference Highlights Wyoming Leaders

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Keynote speakers traveled from all over Wyoming Wednesday to give insight about how to effectively lead and effectively listen as well.

News 13's had the chance to learn what it means to be a woman in a leadership position.

Many women gathered earlier this week to help encourage other women to take leadership positions in Wyoming.

Rosie Berger from the ENDOW Council shared; “Through that journey as a legislator, I realized how few women were really serving in the Wyoming house, but also across the state of Wyoming."

With the seminar, ‘Leap into Leadership,’ the Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus shared stories and encouragement to others about their struggles and successes.

Local business owner Sara Flitner commented, “Growing up in Wyoming, like many of the leaders and women here today, you recognize quickly that it takes a lot of hands on deck to make our community function."

A board panel discussed possibilities for future generations on how they can step up to help make a difference in their communities.

"What I think the women will walk away with is a 'can do' attitude and that there are friends all over the state of Wyoming and the most important thing is to build relationships. Build a network and then look at where you can make a difference.

Locals also had a chance to help brush up their resumes as well as learn how to overcome barriers they may face in the future.

"At Wyoming, being the Equality State, we have some work to do. We don't have great results in women in leadership positions or frankly the gender pay gap."

Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus continues to reach across all four corners of the state hoping to inspire women to find courage to become great leaders.

For any woman who is considering taking part in some political panel, whether it be state legislation or a school board you are highly encouraged to do so.