Self-Defense Skills Offered to Lander Residents

Women in Fremont County now have an option to protect themselves when out and about with a new self-defense class.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with defense instructors about how women can fight for themselves.

Being attacked doesn’t happen often in Fremont County, but when it does, it would be good to be prepared.

Lander Defense Lead Instructor Hannes Stueckler said, “We live in a very peaceful society and that's great however it does happen to some people some of the time the people that it happens to are often just not aware of the skill set that they need to prevent themselves from getting attacked.”

Stueckler added a variety of people sign up for the class, mostly single women who don't believe they can protect themselves.

“You know, a lot of times people don't know what they are and are not cable of.”

One woman taking the course shared her experience.

“I was nervous, I don't know what I’m doing and that's an uncomfortable feeling,” said Tara Stueckler.

Hannes said, “We seem to condition women in our society in a way to kind of have this mentality that they can't fight as hard and it's just not true one of the neat things when you're training the ladies that after a while you come to see this light turn on and it's like oh my god I can't really leave your shoes and this is awesome, I love seeing that."

“I feel very confident like there's not really a whole lot out there that can hurt me that I can save stay safe and I can then I can effectively keep other people safe around me,” shared one woman.

"If you have the time and you have the motivation you want to train you really want to master this beyond just a very rough skill that’s where things like where we do here are really beneficial because we can put a polish on that and put it into your reflex much deeper than anything can in just a short course."

Defense instructors said 98% of fighting is without a weapon.

Self-defense courses will be offered throughout the month; those interested can contact Lander Defense on their Facebook page.