Lander Children's Museum Launches Summer Learning Camp

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A new hands on learning experience for kids is coming to the Lander Children's Museum this summer.

The Lander Children's Museum has a new director and has big plans to push earth and science for children.

The museum is a place where families can learn and interact together during the summer months.

Rajean Strube Fossen, founding board member shared, “Summer visitation should really increase and benefit from having new and exciting things in there every week or every month."

One of those exhibits included the kids learning about space science, gravity and building their own personal space ships.

Executive Director Brian Reisig commented, “We had them decorate the top cone and the tail fins for their rockets. We pumped that up and then gave the kids a chance to pull the trigger or pull the pin and their rockets would shoot off into the sky."

The boards focus is to rebuild the excitement of the museum by featuring new exhibits and venturing more outside the museum into the community.

"Hoping to work with my board and a ton of volunteers that we have here through the museum to just get out there in Lander and really become a bigger part maybe more collaborative work strategically with other non-profits here."

The museum will still offer other subjects such as math and art, all in hopes of building the kids with brighter futures.

"You may be looking at some of the new engineers and you may be looking at some of the new scientists. A lot of our students here are pretty successful and I like to say maybe we had a hand in that."

The earth and science exhibit will be featured through the rest of July.