Jurassic Quest

A prehistoric exhibit for kids of all ages is taking place in Natrona County.
One step inside the events center will quickly remind visitors of their place on the food chain.
Jurassic Quest has toured through the country, and finally found its way into Central Wyoming.
"We are North America's largest traveling dinosaur animatronic exhibit" said Nicole Lavene.
Both inside and outside of the facility had an abundance of activities for those looking to experience life with these amazing creatures, visitors showed their excitement by dressing up for the occasion.
"I got dressed like this and my whole family was laughing at me, and so was I" said Wes Baldwin.
The event also contains an extensive amount of information on this part of history and separates it into three periods.
"So our exhibit takes you through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods and we are also an interactive and hands on event with dinosaur themed activities. We have face painting, green screen where you could take a photo and be running from a dinosaur" said Levene.
"I want to do it again" Boston Baldwin said.