Insurance is Key to Renting Your House Out for the Solar Show

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If you’re renting out your house during the Eclipse, you should make sure you have insurance coverage.

There could be serious consequences if you don’t have certain amendments on your insurance.

Insurance agents said they’re getting a lot of phone calls from people thinking about renting their houses out for the Eclipse.

"So I mean it really opens up a Pandora's box of issues that you could run into, so we're doing reviews with all of our clients, that are interested in doing that, just to make sure that they have the proper coverage in place before the eclipse not afterwards,” said Leigh Cripe, a State Farm Agent.

Cripe said the best thing to do is the contact your agent.

"And ask them hey I'm thinking about renting out my house, is my policy going to cover it, do I need some special endorsements, if something happens, what would my deductible be, what would my coverage be, those types of things,” said Cripe.

Cripe received dozens of phone calls throughout the last 6 months.

"There’s some that have contacted rental agencies or attorneys and fine-tuned contracts and stuff like that, and we've just received phone calls from people who are kind of floating through the idea like hey I'm thinking of renting my house, what do I need to do,” said Cripe.

She said every insurance policy should have Dwelling coverage, which covers the house itself.

Personal Property coverage, which covers all of your belongings.

"In addition that you have like your liability coverage, and your negligent or found liable, you know in addition to that you have medical payments,” said Cripe.

The homeowners insurance policy follows the homeowner, so you know you would have a specific policy for your house.

She stressed the importance of reviewing your coverage.

"You could run into a situation where you have limitations on coverage, or no coverage at all,” said Cripe.

Neglecting this coverage could turn a beneficial opportunity into a poor one.

Cripe also said when you’re reviewing your policy, check if it’s going to be short term or long term, as it can have an impact on the amount of coverage you have.