Inspections a Must to Ensure Fair Safety

Every year nearly five thousand American kids are injured by fair rides according to a Consumer Product Safety Commission study; that's roughly 20 per day.

We spoke with Natrona County officials about inspection safety protocols they conduct during the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo.

The Central Wyoming Fairgrounds remain quiet during the day, but the safety checks begin early.

"We start the week prior to the fair."

The work never stops for Natrona County.

Firefighters and other officials have been conducting routine inspections making sure all fair rides meet safety standards.

Natrona County Fire District PIO Matt Gacke shared, “When the fair rides start showing up we walk around for a couple of days, and do nothing but ride inspections. We look at their yearly maintenance tags they have to have and we also look at firefighter extinguishers and fire suppressant systems."

"We did have to close a ride last Friday down for the night because their suppressant system wasn't fixed, but the next day they had it fixed and we opened it back up."

Casper-Natrona County Health officials conducted inspections for the nearly 30 vendors at the fairgrounds.

Kelly Weidenbach added to the conversation, “Yeah with an event this size and with summer temperatures, keeping food safe during storage and food preparation, and once it's cooked and keeping it at the right temperature is always a problem."

She said in the past there have been cases where vendors weren't following health protocols

However, routine opening inspections fixed the issue.

"Typically once they're open they do really, really well, but we have had some vendors in the past where we had to issue a cease and assist order. They had various compliance issues."

Officials also said there hasn't been any fair ride or food problems so far during the fair.

Natrona County planning crews have also ran inspections of each ride's electrical systems. There were no problems found.