How Not to Burn Your Eyes Watching the Upcoming Eclipse

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The view of the solar eclipse can cause long term damage to the eyes if viewed incorrectly.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke to physicians about the possible problems that may occur.

Sage West Hospital ER Physician Mel Meyer shared, “The most common thing is the solar enopty which is actually from the bright light from starring at the eclipse. The bright light is concentrated through yours lens in your eye and hits your retina and it causes photo chemical changes on your retina."

This leads to multiple problems.

“Initially it can cause photo sensitivity color distortion shape distortion and pain. Long term effects can actually cause or is thought to be causing macular degeneration.”

Once this happens there is no reversal treatment, so be cautious when looking at the eclipse.

“If you look at the sun make sure you have appropriate protection for your eyes.”

Hospitals will still operate as normal but will have extra services to offer during the eclipse to ensure public safety.

Nursing Director at Sage West Libby Littler, commented, “We are as a hospital setting up first aid tents in our communities. There will be one in Lander and one in Riverton. “

“We are going to have some extra staff that we will have in place to be able to see the extra patients.”

The tent will only be for minor emergencies.

Anyone with serious injuries will be attended to in emergency room.
Medical physicians advise locals to get medications before the eclipse to avoid long wait times.