Hotel Employees' Paychecks

Questions are being raised after former hotel workers say their paychecks came up empty.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack spoke with a former employee who says her paycheck couldn't be cashed when she checked with her bank.

“It's very frustrating."

Shawn Dorman expresses her concern about her paycheck from Parkway Plaza.

"Saturday I went to the bank twice and it's only open until 1:00 and still no money on each occasion in the account to cash my check."

Dorman should have received nearly $530 from working 114 hours in nearly three weeks. She says…

"The reason why I put so many hours in was because this is my rent check, so I tried to make it a little bigger so I could pay my rent."

Former employees also tell News 13 their paychecks weren't coming through either.

"You didn't know when your checks were going to be good or if they were going to be good, but it wasn't any better and I still have friends who work there and still work there, and it isn't any better," said Paula McCartney, a former Parkway Plaza employee.

“I'm wondering where my money is. Why don't my paychecks cash? Why do I have to keep breaking the law for these people just to keep a job. All those things went through my head," said Russell Reddick, another former Parkway Plaza employee

As for Dorman, she says…

"It's three weeks worth of work and I just don’t want to go any more in debt."
News 13 spoke with one supervisor about several complaints from former employees.

He says quote "that's in the past, focus on the future."

News 13 checked with Dorman again about her check.
She says the full amount was recently transferred into her bank account, but she left Parkway Plaza and has filed for unemployment.