Game and Fish Keep Fishing Fun by Trading Fish for Fish

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Game and fish biologists traded fish between states last week so Wyomingites will have more variety to catch this summer.

Just recently, more than four hundred channel catfish were delivered to Lander's Luckey Pond, all the way from Arkansas.

More than 70-thousand catfish were brought back to Wyoming.

They were traded for twelve thousand fingerling trout and sixteen thousand catch-able sized trout.

The idea is to give anglers across Wyoming different types of fish, to keep things exciting.

Dubois Fish Hatchery Culturist Bill Yaracz commented, "We were spreading them throughout Wyoming, most of mine went to Glendale Reservoir but there were offloads on our triple trailer from Casper and he took them out towards Wheatland."

Game and fish biologists routinely trade fish with other western states like Washington, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Before introducing any type of new fish, they make sure they only put the fish where they will become part of the ecosystem.