Fueling Up For The Eclipse

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The great eclipse is only eleven days away, and Casper is expecting to double its population in one weekend.

For one gas station manager, being over prepared is better than being under prepared, as the great eclipse event gets closer and an influx of customers comes in.

"What we're going to try and do is make sure the tanks are full,” said Kelley Faylor, Manager of Old Town Pump. “I'm also going to have the truck loaded, just in case."

With over two dozen gas stations in Casper and a population of almost 60,000, the city will almost double its amount of people in a few weeks. And one question many locals have is how high the gas prices might rise.

"For the eclipse, I don't see us spiking the prices just to spike them," commented Faylor.

While many places are making sure that they have enough fuel as well as food for visitors, places like Old Town Pump only need to worry about the former.

"Hopefully we won't run out,” Faylor said about running out of fuel. “Hopefully we'll be prepared enough and be able to serve everybody."

Faylor also believes customers can maneuver in and out of their gas station quickly because they don't have a convenience store attached, and limited parking, which should help save time.

"We have small parking, so our goal will be, if somebody gets fuel, have them pay and move off the property to keep the flow going,” said Faylor.
With the larger gathering of crowds, extra staff will work to make smooth transactions. However, a constant chain of people getting gas isn't expected to happen every day.

"Once everyone's here, they're not going to be doing a lot of traveling,” Faylor stated. “They might fill up once or twice and they'll be ready to go."

Faylor did mention that RVs and campers can deposit waste for a small fee as well. Allocations have already been put into effect for many gas stations by the local refinery. And with the heavier traffic, getting the trucks out to fill station tanks will be difficult and take longer.