Food Bank Relocates to New Warehouse

A Mills food bank is relocating due to high demands from increasing food supplies and services.

Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies staff have plans for purchasing an Evansville warehouse nearly twice the size of their Mills location.

It will cost over $2,000,000 to buy the property, but U.S. Department of Agriculture officials are loaning the money.

"It'll help our efficiency greatly."

Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies staff will have a new home soon at this Evansville warehouse.

"We've been researching other properties for the last couple of years and U.S.D.A. had a loan that they approached us with and there's no way we can turn it down," said Chris Meddleton from Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies.

The warehouse sits on a 28,000 square foot area, nearly twice the size of the food bank's current Mills location.

Meddleton says their old warehouse has outgrown capacity.

During 2017, they've collected over 10,000,000 pounds of food, double the numbers seen about five years ago.

"We can store a lot more product in the building. We also are leasing another property here in Casper and the transportation costs going back and forth constantly, the labor, the amount of fuel and everything else..this building is definitely going to make us a lot more efficient."

The property's value is set over $2,000,000.

U.S.D.A. officials are providing almost every cent.

"Since this facility is going to be servicing all 23 counties throughout the state, we determined that they're eligible and the parent organization, Food Bank of the Rockies Incorporated, is eligible the fact that it's a non-profit registered within the state of Wyoming," said Chad Rupe from the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Development.

"We look at the cost of the building based off square footage. We review the bids as they come in for the equipment. Things of that nature."

Food bank staff say they're currently going through the loan process

And remain optimistic for using the new location.

"It's actually going to work very well for us with the freeway right here."

The food bank crew also has another location right off 12th and Beverly Streets.

Once they move to Evansville, they will close that location and move everything into that one central spot.

The move is expected between September and October.