Focusing on Education in the State

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Follow the money, and that will usually tell you what the initiative will be about.

That’s the indicator Senator Bill Landen notes as Washington debates what to do with education.

He hopes it's for the best interest of the state and its future generations.

"We have a lot of our students in Wyoming who don't go on to post-secondary education, but we need a work force and we need talented workers out there."

It's not set in stone, but Landen says more state authority regarding education is a possibility, and a promising one at that.

"For the most part anything that comes out of the Federal Government, there's going to be strings attached to whatever federal funding comes our direction,” Landen said. “We're encouraged by the fact that maybe we have some more state control."

Landen also said Wyoming is set up better than almost any state in terms of responding to the “Every Student Succeeds Act” which is currently under legislation in Washington.