Flights From Riverton to DIA? Yep.

Riverton's City Council renewed the Denver Air Connection contract.

This means both Denver Air Connection and Great Lakes will continue flights from Riverton's airport, continuing reliable air transportation for Fremont County.

Riverton council members allocated 200-thousand dollars to the minimum revenue guarantee needed to keep Denver Air Connection active.

Airport officials still need to meet with Lander's City Council and County Commissioners to make sure they also will allocate 200-thousand dollars each for the airport.

Having multiple, reliable flights every day will help achieve the goal of making Fremont County a destination for tourism and large businesses.

Mick Pryor at Riverton Airport told News 13, “This is huge because it provides a level of consistency that we haven't had before at Riverton Regional Airport, locking in another year provides the business community some assurance that this is going to be around a little longer than just a one year thing."