Working Hard for the Fair Fun

The Central Wyoming Fair is the highlight of many Natrona County kid’s summers.

Yet, some kids skip the rides and funnel cakes for a different fair activity.

News 13's Drew Narsutis tells us about a pair of siblings who hope their pigs will win best in show.

Kylie and Kaden Orr have been involved in the show pig contest for 8 and 5 years respectively.

In such a short period of time they have learned a lot and taken up a lot of responsibility, both on and off the stage.

They work hard to get their pigs ready for both market and show.

Kaden told News 13, “Market is based on the pig like how much muscle they have, how much mass and how much volume. Showmanship is you and how you drive your pigs."

In order to get the pigs ready for show a lot of work at the fair is done before the competition.

Kylie reported, “Cleaning and feeding once again, making sure they are ready, making sure they aren't sore, making sure they are looking good."

For market, a lot of at-home work is required to make the pigs nice and meaty.

"So what we pretty much do is we drive them around the house and we walk them everyday to build muscle."

Between the two Orr children, there's tons of work to be done.

The Orr’s favorite part about their involvement is the championship ribbon or belt that makes all the hard work worth it.

"My favorite part about working with pigs is driving their heads up and going into showmanship and trying to win the class."

"My favorite part about working with pigs for the family is seeing that you're going to win that belt buckle or that ribbon ."

Families, like the Orr’s, said raising animals give younger children opportunities to grow and mature.

As chores involving animal care, it teaches them responsibility and drive.