ENDOW Council Begins Process for Diversifying Economy

The Governor's ENDOW council members begin their initial phase for fixing the state's economy.

ENDOW is the program Governor Mead launched this past year to diversify Wyoming's economy and make it thrive again.

"We're doing a much deeper dive."

ENDOW council members began their initial draft for helping Wyoming's economy thrive again.

They compared Wyoming's current situation to other states for improving areas that can make statewide jobs more competitive.

"So using that data we can identify the sectors that we want to hone in on," said Shawn Reese, an ENDOW Executive Council member.

A job sector that has seen barriers include heath care access. The rural spaces make it difficult to reach facilities for emergency care.

ENDOW members believe this has become a limiting factor for attraction and retention.

Other areas include providing broadband internet or cell service, and improving housing.

They also say migrating residents have led to the state's struggling economy.

"Understanding that is important to be able to develop goals and set benchmarks for how we improve this situation."

Entrepreneurship is another area ENDOW members hope to address.

"Help entrepreneurs get plugged into bringing their ideas to fruition and making a business out of it and tie them to much needed capital," said Jesus Rios, an ENDOW Executive Council member.

"What does this data tell us so that we can figure out what this 20 year plan will look like."

ENDOW members will have a finalized economic plan within a year's time.

The plan comes in three phases. The first rough draft is due at the end of August.

The second will be due in December.