Council Considers $50k Assessment of the Casper Police Force

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The Casper Police Department faces several complex challenges and issues that must be addressed.

This, according to a memo from Casper City Manager VH McDonald and Casper Police Chief Jim Wetzel sent to City Council members.

The memo asked council members to spend more than fifty thousand dollars on an independent analysis of the Casper Police Department.

The review would paint an overall picture of the health of the department; the services provided and identify areas for improvement.
Tuesday night city council members met to discuss the memo.

Several members said they were in favor of the independent analysis and thought it was money well spent.

Councilman Charlie Powell stressed the impartiality of the review. Former Casper Police Chief and current City councilman Chris Walsh thinks the review is a good idea.

He told News 13, “I've seen the qualification of the people that'll be doing it, and their extensive background in these types of assessments. And I think we'll get a real good picture on our police department."

City Council members gave preliminary approval of the analysis.

They will take a final vote once city staff are provided with more information, like references and the final cost.