City of Casper Selects New Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tom Pitlick will begin his tenure as the City’s new Financial Services Director on Monday, September 18, 2017.

In July, City Manager Carter Napier announced his intention to bring back a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to the core management team at the City of Casper.

Mr. Napier has direct knowledge of Mr. Pitlick’s vast amount of talent and ability as he has served as the Finance Director for the City of Gillette since 2009.

Prior to working for the City of Gillette, Mr. Pitlick worked as Finance Director for the City of Pierre, South Dakota.

Honoring the plan developed by then-Assistant City Managers, Liz Becher and Tracey Belser, to reassign them into their departments of expertise freed salary funding that allowed Mr. Napier to help fund the CFO position and strengthen his core team.

“Replacing the financial and budgetary expertise of my immediate predecessor, V.H. McDonald, is critical for the City” Napier said.

“For an organization that is as sophisticated and deals with as many services and the volume of tax dollars that we do, not to have a CFO, in my estimation, is a huge vulnerability,” he continued. “Tom’s experience as a Finance Director, particularly in regards to economic declines, will certainly help the City during the challenges we currently face.”