City Council Digs into Future Snow Removal Operations

Winter is at our door which means keeping our roads cleared of snow is on our minds.

Casper City Council members are considering plans for plowing city streets.

Council members said that in recent years plowing certain streets in Casper has come under discussion.

They want to keep the city's budget in mind as they discuss if changes are needed.

Casper City Councilman Charlie Powell, “We have to be responsible we have to look at every possible way to reduce costs and that’s one of the things we'll being doing. No decisions have been made we may keep the array of street plowing exactly as it is."

Powell added the traffic load and school areas factor into which streets take priority.

Also, major streets through town such as Beverly, first and second streets will also be top priorities.

Powell said council members will meet for a work session October 24th to discuss snow removal.

The meeting will be open to the public.