Simpson Special Counsel Comments

Wyoming’s retired Senator Alan Simpson said the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision threatens our democracy, because it ruled corporations can give millions of dollars to campaigns anonymously.

He’s written a letter supporting a new movement to create a 28th Constitutional Amendment that will put the power back in the hands of American citizens.

The “Citizens Initiative” group started circulating petitions across Wyoming supporting the 28th Amendment this week, after the Secretary of State verified they had enough Wyoming voters to sponsor the initiative.

They have to get more than 38-thousand signatures on the petitions to get the initiative on the next year’s November ballot.

Simpson said Republicans, Democrats and Independents support the idea because big money is controlling elected officials.

Alan Simpson told News 13, “And along comes the Supreme Court in this stupid, horrendous decision and says that a corporation is a person, under the terms of the first amendment. And, not only that, but can give unlimited amount of money, and on top of that, anonymously. Well, it’s destroying democracy.”

Eighteen states have asked congress to propose an amendment that said corporations are not people, and don’t have the same political rights as humans do.