Christopher Eads Claims Not Guilty to Nine Federal Crimes

This afternoon Wyoming man, Christopher Eads plead not guilty to nine felony charges in Federal Court.

Eads was involved in a high speed chase and late night standoff with police in early where reports show he shot at police and was eventually arrested following a five hour long standoff with Casper policemen.

Appearing in a red jump suit, Eads plead not guilty to the nine charges below:

1. Conspiracy to deliver heroin and methamphetamine.
2. Carrying a firearm while drug trafficking.
3. Possession of heroin and methamphetamine with intent to deliver.
4. Discharging a firearm while drug trafficking.
5. Carjacking.
6. Carjacking.
7. Assault on a Federal Official.
8. Discharge of a firearm with drug trafficking.
9. Felon in possession of a firearm.

Nobody was hurt during the standoff but the situation did attract attention.

Due to his extensive criminal history, the violent crimes, and an outstanding warrant in Colorado, Judge Shickich ordered Eads to remain in custody until his trial set for October.

If Eads is found guilty of the crimes, he faces a minimum of sixty years to a maximum of life in prison.