Casper Man Arrested for Charges Following 2016 Crimes

A twenty-eight-year-old Casper man was arrested last week for aggravated robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Konnor Patrick Rollison, according to court records entered atrailer armed intending to rob the occupants.

Reports go back to May 2016 when a man and two juveniles were at a trailer on Lathrop Road in Evansville and were threatened, and robbed at gunpoint. They were told if they went to the police their family would be killed, according to reports.

The intruders took goods valued at about $350.00 including a Playstation4 game console.

Police say over the next two days in May, similar incidents took place with weapons and more items being taken. The victims were blindfolded and one of the suspects stated, “This is a robbery.”

The suspects were holding guns and one of the men who tied up one of the victims was identified as Konnor Rollison.

Another robbery in August 2016 involved Rollison, and five others.

The investigation was a joint effort between Casper Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.