Casper 4th Grader Grows Nine Pound Cabbage to Fund Future

One thousand four hundred and sixty eight Wyoming kids grew their own cabbage to earn money for college last year.

Today, News 13 spoke with the Wyoming winner.

The National "Bonnie Plants Cabbage" program selected Wyoming fourth grader, Brielle Cleverly at Fort Caspar Academy.

Brielle polished her green thumb to grow a nine pound cabbage and won a thousand dollar saving bond for her future education!

She began growing her cabbage in March and shared her growing process.

"You have to water it, and make sure it doesn't die, also you have to make sure the cabbage worms don't eat it all,” said Cleverly.

Cabbage is not the only thing she likes growing, “We usually grow carrots, peas, green beans and sometimes pumpkins."

She told us, she cannot wait to start growing next year.