CPD to Boost the Troops for the Holiday Fun

The holiday has been celebrated since the early 18th century, the favored St. Patrick's day is today.

Many across Wyoming will don their greens, shine their shamrocks and go out for an evening of fun with friends tonight.

The Casper Police Department again reminds that Patty's day party goes to be safe and responsible with their Irish celebrating.

Don't forget to make a plan before going out, and a safe ride home from the bar, call a friend or use UBER or whatever it takes to ensure you don't spend the rest of the weekend behind bars.

"We just want to make this a safe St. Patrick's Day. Go out, everyone's Irish this weekend, people will enjoy it, go out put the green on the most godly green that you have go out and celebrate it, enjoy it, if you do not partake in drinking on St. Patty's day, hey volunteer yourself to be a designated driver."

Casper Police have brought in extra officers this weekend to help patrol the streets to ensure everyone gets home safe and has a festive time.