Bullying and Harassment in NCSD Leaves Young Girl in Tears

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School has resumed and many students across Wyoming headed back after a restful break.

But one student isn't going back ...that's because the bullying she says she has experienced was not being addressed by the school district.

News 13s Justin Roth sat down with the young girl.

Bullying is not something students should have endure. That's the message 14 year old Faith wants people to take away from her experiences.

It's something no parent wants to hear from their child

Faith Israelson is only 14 years old and says, "Three boys that were a lot taller and bigger than me grabbed my long sleeved shirt and they tied the back of it to a pole so I was stuck there. The teachers didn't help me the students didn't help me and when a teacher did help me she said were gonna have to cut you shirt. "

Faith had been spit on and cursed out by other students, and it wasn't getting better.

"No one helped me no one supported me bathroom people walked by in the hallway" she says.

Faith's mother (Barbara Israelson) knew the bullying was bad and felt like her daughter couldn't catch a break. "It was heartbreaking it really pulls at a moms heart when your child is being tormented at school but what really did it for me was the teachers the frustration they felt towards her.

Natrona County School District officials take bullying seriously. Suspension or even expulsion could be a result.

Dr. Dean Braughton is the Director of Student Support Services NCSD he says, "When principals or teachers hear about it they talk to the student who has been bullied or allegedly bullied they investigate and then consequences and we get it stopped."

Faith has a form of Autism called Aspergers, a high-functioning type of Autism where learning in school may come a bit slower than others.

She understands this doesn't happen to everyone, but it's not easy to get over.

"It was hard it was so hard and I don't want kids to go through that it's not fair.

After being pulled from school Faith is now home -schooled. She says, "They say bullying is a part of a childhood but those words stick with you when you get older girls will be called fat and stupid guys will be called nerdy and dorky you know those things take pull on you like it's hard to get over them its hard to feel you know love yourself it takes a lot of you."

Faith adds she's hopeful for her future and will pray bullying in the school district, the city, and the country will end.

Faith said she has already begun to write a novel on her experiences hoping to help others in the same types of situations.