Bike Lanes Debate Continues in Lander

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A public outcry about putting bike lanes on Main Street in Lander has the Safety Steering Committee members re-thinking their original proposal.

Public comments have flooded into Lander City Hall for days.
RaJean Strube told News 13, “The public interest on this is phenomenal and we’ve received i would guess over 500 comments, some for and most against.”

Adam Kirkpatrick, Lander resident, “I think it’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard, okay so they want bike lanes and somehow that’s going to increase bicyclist and pedestrian safety I’m for that but I don’t think it’s going to accomplish those ends first.”

Almost every comment is against adding bike lanes to Main Street, however steering committee members said there has been some mis-information about their plans.

“There is a common mis-perception out there I’ll call it on the streets that no matter what the public comment is the proposal will go forward as presented and I would like to debunk that myth, which is not true.”
Main Street is a WYDOT highway, increasing safety of all travelers is this proposals goal.

Cody Beers, WYDOT spokesman said, “Enhancing the safety in Lander is a big priority because that town is evolving from what used to be a cow town into something that’s much more mobile.”

Still many community members said bike lanes will be more dangerous and they would eliminate parking spaces.

“We already have a parking problem, if anything we need to make more parking spaces not less, as a business owner that’s a big concern for me, we figured it out we could lose three to five hundred dollars a day just losing two parking spaces in front of our business here.”

The steering committee members said although public comments are overwhelmingly negative for this specific proposal, the issue of safety on Main Street still exists and therefore it still needs to be addressed.

As of now, there isn’t a definitive yes or no from the Steering Committee members about the current plan.