Fair Goers First

With the eclipse creeping up on us and Casper being one of the best viewing cities, it might be fair to assume cities surrounding Casper would be slammed with inquiries from eclipse chasers, but that doesn't seem to be the case for the fairgrounds in Douglas.

"For this year it appears our fair attendance and activities are going to be virtually normal," said state fair director, James Goodrich.

Anticipating eclipse weekend, fairground staff added two days to the fair, keeping it open on the 20th and 21st.

Moving some activities they'd normally have in the middle of the fair to the 20th, with vendors sticking around longer and campgrounds staying open, even dedicating the 21st for eclipse viewing to accommodate eclipse chasers.

"We see some requests for camping and requests for information about the activities we're holding on the two extra days but we're not being overwhelmed by that."

Goodrich says while they haven't seen as many campers as expected, they're not disappointed since from the very beginning they've made a commitment to put fair goers first.

At this point, Goodrich says they aren't sure what to expect but they are prepared for the overflow surrounding cities will attract.