A Peek at the Wyo Eclipse Numbers

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Casper received a bump in tax income during August, even though overall revenues are still down.

News 13's Frances Lin reports, the eclipse played a big part in the increase.

Casper attracted many visitors by being in the path of totality, which generated more sales for local businesses.

August revenues were a little more than 14% above the city's projection.

Casper City Councilman Bob Hopkins reported, “I'm kind of thinking it looks like, our retail would be up considerably, because of the events that occurred during the eclipse. But the rest, probably the industrial sales taxes are probably not coming up quite as up as we like."

But the estimates, they were beat, beat by over one million dollars.

Cheyenne ranked number one for Wyoming in city tax revenue in August, but if you put together Casper and our neighboring towns: Bar Nunn, Evansville and Mills, together it was about 11% higher than Cheyenne in terms of total tax money.

"This is very unique in the state of Wyoming, because we're the only city that has adjacent cities that we border, and it's the only place that occurs in the state of Wyoming," said Hopkins.

The eclipse also brought in lodging taxes.

Natrona County Treasurer, Tom Doyle reported, “What we got in early September was double what we got the months before, and that's unusual, that would be up that much."

Sales tax revenues in September are also a bit ahead of estimates.

"So, we're getting closer to the overall track that we'd hoped for, but it's still rather slow when it comes to some of the industrial parts," said Doyle.

Hopkins added rig counts are probably going to go up in the next few months, but it's not certain.

"We certainly would've liked more from the eclipse, but the town was full, and I think it helped."

The Casper Chamber of Commerce will be putting together the quarterly state of the community address and City Manager Carter Napier will be discussing the numbers.