A Father's Day Reunion

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A Casper father received the gift of a lifetime over the weekend, the return home of his son from military training.

Bryson Baker is only nineteen years old and on Friday he returned home to his family.

Baker spent eight months training in South Carolina and Virginia with the Wyoming National Guard.

To his father it means everything to have his son home.

"it’s been a great ordeal, very proud of what he's accomplished and to actually show up the day before Father's Day. I couldn't be more happier or proud of my son and the fact that it is Father's Day” says Kevin Shane.

Kevin's son Bryson said he was speechless when seeing his father on

"It’s like we had a moment. I could see the pride he had in me and in his eyes. It’s almost hard to explain, you kind of have to be in the moment."

Bryson says he is extremely grateful to spending today with his father.
They even spent the morning fishing.

When Bryson returned home he was greeted by more than family but also a mural covering almost the entire length of his driveway.

Bryson says he was truly amazed with the gift that will last for years.

“Completely speechless, didn't know what to think and it was a big deal to me. It was the best thing I could have asked for and it turned out great."

How will father and son spend the rest of Father's Day?

"Relaxing, we're going to relax and settle in" says Bryson’s father Kevin Shane.

A father's day reunion that will never fade.

Chris Ruegsegger who painted the mural says it took him over two days to complete the mural.

He says he was honored to be a part of such a monumental reunion.