9/11 Service at Wyoming State Veterans Cemetery

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People honored the lives lost on September 11th Monday morning at the Veteran’s Cemetery.

Dozens attended the Patriot’s Day Ceremony to honor and remember lives lost, not only public safety heroes, but civilians who died that day as well.

"And we also take a minute to remember those law enforcement officers and firefighters who have died this last year in the line of duty,” said Mark Young, Assistant State Fire Marshal.

Young said 9/11 was such a big part of American History.

"It was just an incredible outpouring of support, and that's what's happening today too,” said Young.

He said we need to remember this, because in an instant, we lost 343 New York firefighters, 71 Police Officers, EMS workers, and thousands of civilians.

"We do what we can do to remember, cause we owe it to them,” said Young.

State representatives also gave their statements, and bagpipers performed.

Some said they enjoyed it.

"I think it was very nice. It was beautiful, all of them are beautiful,” said Ginger Lowe, a Casper Resident who attended the ceremony.

"It's very heart touching, and hearing all the men and women who sacrificed is always just makes you want to cry, and understand their sacrifice for other people,” said Joyce Mondle, who also attended the ceremony.

Speakers read the names of the dead.

"It's very honored to be able to read those names of my heroes for those officers that have been slain this last year,” said Detective Hatcher, from the Casper Police Department.

For some who lost family or friends, the ceremony is significant.

"It's pretty personal when you start losing family members. Fire department, police department, they're all big families,” said Mondle.

"It helps me cope with what I've had to go through,” said Lowe.

Young urges us here in Natrona County to do something about it.

"Join the community emergency response team. Be a volunteer firefighter. Do those kind of volunteer activities, get involved and make a difference in the community. Let's make sure we're all there for each other,” said Young.